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Patient education

Content support for hospitals, brochures, PILs, procedural and technology information and more

Scientific writing

Journal publications, market research writing, literature reviews, case studies, conference support

Medical courses

Medical courses for doctors, nurses, caregivers, marketing and sales staff

Strategic writing

Reports, whitepapers, press release, advertorials, thought leadership articles

SEO and Digital content

Website content, social media content, blogs, articles, SEO content, email and campaign content

Regulatory writing

Investigator brochures, clinical trial protocols, clinical study reports, HEOR writing


Medical expertise

We are committed to providing excellence to our clients. Every document is meticulously crafted by our medical writers and undergoes rigorous quality assurance, showcasing expertise in the field.


We are a one stop shop for all your medical communication needs, we take care of strategy, process and delivery. You can focus on core marketing, sales and regulator goals, while we take care of all the content you need.

Exceptional Client Support and Accessibility

We assign a medically qualified SPOC, onsite or offsite, dedicated to your project. We have a proven track record of excellent client service. Over years we have gained the trust of top healthcare brands in the industry.

Sometimes, all you want is to be a human

Human-Crafted Expertise

Our content is exclusively created by experienced human writers with deep knowledge in the medical field, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Quality Content

InScience adeptly combines punctual delivery with unwavering quality, ensuring our commitment to delivering top-notch medical content remains unmatched.

Proven Track Record

Our track record of successful medical content delivery speaks for itself, showcasing our reliability and effectiveness in supporting our clients' objectives.

How we work

Efficient Project Management and Quality Assurance

Off-site Project Management:

Our dedicated off-site project manager oversees every aspect of the project, ensuring seamless coordination, timely delivery, and strict adherence to client requirements. They serve as the primary point of contact, orchestrating the workflow to ensure efficient progress and address any emerging concerns promptly.

On-site Project Coordination

Our on-site project coordinator serves as the vital link between our team and your organisation. They facilitate communication, provide real-time updates, and address project-related queries, ensuring smooth collaboration and alignment with your specific needs and expectations.

Writing Process Excellence

Our team of experienced medical writers approaches each project with meticulous attention to detail. They craft every piece of content with precision, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and alignment with your target audience's needs and preferences. Our robust writing process emphasises thorough research, clear communication, and effective storytelling to deliver content that resonates with your audience.

Expert Medical Review

Before final delivery, all content undergoes rigorous medical review by our seasoned experts. Our medical reviewers meticulously evaluate each piece to ensure the highest standards of accuracy, credibility, and relevance. Their expertise adds an extra layer of assurance, ensuring that the content meets the highest medical and scientific standards.

Quality Check

Our quality assurance process starts with our in-house SEO experts meticulously identifying highly relevant keywords to optimize content visibility. We then conduct thorough checks for plagiarism and grammar errors, ensuring the integrity and originality of each piece. Additionally, we employ AI detection in content to further enhance accuracy and precision.

Key Opinion Leader

Our network includes a distinguished key opinion leader renowned for their expertise and experience in the relevant medical field. They play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of medical data, providing unbiased insights and guidance throughout the content creation process. By leveraging their expertise, we ensure that our content reflects the latest advancements and adheres to the highest standards of subject matter expertise and accuracy.

Client Testimonials

Join us on a journey of success and satisfaction as our clients share their testimonials, highlighting the trust and confidence they have in our services.

It was a great pleasure to work with InScience and I was very pleased with the way they thoughtfully executed the patient education advertorial on Biliary Atresia – a rare life-threatening disease. They exhibited a deep understanding of the subject by providing necessary information to the public. I could see the well-researched information and medical expertise in the advertorial that is comprehensive, simple and informative that is needed for a patient.

Dr. Ashley D’Cruz HOD, Director and Senior Consultant

It has been a great pleasure working with InScience who helped me to provide effective patient education and public awareness that is needed .With the team of extremely dedicated professionals, the support I received from the team to put up a message on ‘Brain Facts- The Department of Neurosciences’ is praise-worthy. The medical concepts were nicely simplified and presented that is patient focused, simple yet informative. I would like to appreciate the team on creating effective patient education material that simplified the concepts of Neurosurgery in a comprehensible way.

Dr. Komal Prasad Senior Consultant – Neurosurgeon Neuro Surgery

I have worked with the InScience team for a year and released 4 editions of a Clinical Newsletter called “Pulse”. It has been great working with Dr. Smita and Mr. Siddharth. Both of them are very professional and extremely energetic. InScience is a competent team of doctors, medical writers, creative design- ers and animators who are extremely professional and unique in their approach. It is commendable the he way InScience has reached new heights in such a short span of time. I’d like to wish them good luck in all their future ventures.

Abhilasha Srivastava Manager Marketing Corporate Marketing & Advertising

A patient education advertorial “Gift the Sense of Hearing - with Cochlear Implants“- that was published in Times of India Newspaper got incredible results for me, in form of increased patient footfall. Thereby, adding to the reputation of the hospi- tal as well. InScience with the team of medical experts easily understands the needs of the target audience and provide necessary information that is needed. I look forward to work on more projects with InScience Team.

Dr. Suhel Hasan Senior Consultant - Department of E.N.T.

It was a very good experience working with an agency like InScience, since the company needs no introduction to the healthcare market scenario – which makes your work much easier. They have an exceptionally good blend of medical expertise and brand marketing proficiency. They did a great job in building the brand identity of each department through insightful brochures.

Soumen Banerjee Manager (Branding and Communication)

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