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We are an Indian origin global consulting company exclusive for healthcare, enabling & strengthening ‘communication’ between people and care providers through technology and digital media.

Healthcare expertise you need, under one roof

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Realise the true potential of your digital footprint

In an everchanging business scenario, the need to stay ahead of the curve does not get any more real. The right combination of brand positioning, market analyses, technology and strategic decision making is crucial. With Inscience you are more than a client, we are equally invested in your growth, we are your partner.

Let’s help you be more sustainable and scalable.


Brand building

Give your brand a personality, a fitting visual identity with a strong digital footprint

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Growth hacking

Accelerate growth via tailor-made campaigns and targeted digital marketing

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Product Development

Create an edge for your brand with technology making processes more effective and efficient

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AI/ML powered solutions

Differentiate your brand experience with the power of AI and ML

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Healthcare Industry

Strengthening Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare IT and Medical device brands.

Community based

Create change in a larger scale to build better communities and nation

Hospitals and
Health Clinics

Help new patients and actively engage with existing ones

Fitness and Wellness

Lead the way for inspiring a healthier and fitter lifestyle

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New Approach

InScience, for me, brings fresh and intimate ways to engage my clients and my employees.

Roderick Stuart
MD India
Cryo-Save Group

A new edge for scientific publications

It has been great working with InScience team on a scientific abstract for my research work. I got a great support from the competent team of scientific professionals who are proficient in data analysis and interpretation. From analysing the scientific data, compiling the results, to a scientific presentation at RSSDI conference, the team followed a systematic approach.

My sincere thanks to Dr.Smita and her team who are exceptionally professional in terms of scientific writing, infographics and creative designing that is needed for a poster. As an author, it’s very important to present the facts crisp and precise. With the help of InScience, I was able to get the poster the way I wanted. I wish them success for future endeavours.

Tara Murali
Head of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Diabetacare , Bangalore

Medically Sound, Quality write up, Right on time!

I would like to thank Dr. Smita and her competent team of professionals for helping us, at Narayana Health City, prepare a major advertorial called ‘The 3 Ps to Healthy Kidneys’ on the occasion of World Kidney Day 2015. Between my busy schedule, I spent little time with the InScience team explaining my concept for the advertorial and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the draft that was sent to me at very short notice. Interacting with her various team members, it was quite obvious that they were a bunch of carefully chosen, experienced and dedicated lot, capable of high-quality work relating to medical write-ups. I wish them all the very best and look forward to our next interaction.

Dr. Rammohan S Bhat
Consultant Nephrologist
Nephrology, Kidney Transplant
Narayana Health City, Bangalore

A distinctive approach to Patient Education

It was a great pleasure to work with InScience and I was very pleased with the way they thoughtfully executed the patient education advertorial on Biliary Atresia – a rare life-threatening disease. They exhibited a deep understanding of the subject by providing necessary information to the public. I could see the well-researched information and medical expertise in the advertorial that is comprehensive, simple and informative that is needed for a patient.

Dr. Ashley D’Cruz
HOD, Director and Senior Consultant - Paediatric Surgery
Narayana Health City, Bangalore

Unique services with proven expertise

I was happy to work with InScience on customised communication for a few specialities at Vikram hospital and found that they were very professional in their approach. The doctors were reassured that they were in good hands and InScience were able to successfully deliver reader-friendly advertorials. We continue to work with the InScience team on other initiatives as well as Vikram Hospital strengthens its internal and external communication programs. The services offered by InScience are unique; they operate at the intersection of medical knowledge and communication. With proven expertise in both domains and clever integration of the two in their offering, they provide a convenient service for hospital communication programs.

We wish them the very best in their endeavors to scale up their business.

Shashikala Venkatraman
Strategic Advisor - Marketing & Brand Communication
Vikram Hospital, Bangalore

Patient EducationSimple, focused yet informative

It has been a great pleasure working with InScience who helped me to provide effective patient education and public awareness that is needed .With the team of extremely dedicated professionals, the support I received from the team to put up a message on ‘Brain Facts- The Department of Neurosciences’ is praise-worthy. The medical concepts were nicely simplified and presented that is patient focused, simple yet informative. I would like to appreciate the team on creating effective patient education material that simplified the concepts of Neurosurgery in a comprehensible way.

Dr. Komal Prasad
Senior Consultant – Neurosurgeon
Narayana Health City, Bangalore

Renowned scientific expertise for research publications

It’s been great working in collaboration with InScience for medical/scientific content writing. I have had a great experience in the past and continue to work with InScience in the future too. They eased out my worries about scientific research and publications through their clinical and scientific expertise. My sincere to thanks to the Dr.Smita, Mr.Siddharth and the team of medical experts who have been exceptionally professional, committed and timely in delivering the work. They helped me end-to-end by analyzing the scientific information, statistical analysis, data interpretation that resulted in an exceptional scientific presentation at RSSDI conference. I wish them good luck in their future endeavors.

Dr. Raja Selvarajan
Consultant Physician and Diabetologist
Apollo Sugar, Bangalore

Clinical newsletters- Innovative and effective way of reaching target audience

I have worked with the InScience team for a year and released 4 editions of a Clinical Newsletter called “Pulse”. It has been great working with Dr. Smita and Mr. Siddharth. Both of them are very professional and extremely energetic. InScience is a competent team of doctors, medical writers, creative designers and animators who are extremely professional and unique in their approach. It is commendable the he way InScience has reached new heights in such a short span of time. I’d like to wish them good luck in all their future ventures.

Abhilasha Srivastava
Manager Marketing
Corporate Marketing and Advertising
Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Patient Advertorial- Incredible results with the team of medical experts

A patient education advertorial “Gift the Sense of Hearing – with Cochlear Implants“- that was published in Times of India Newspaper got incredible results for me, in form of increased patient footfall. Thereby, adding to the reputation of the hospital as well. InScience with the team of medical experts easily understands the needs of the target audience and provide necessary information that is needed. I look forward to work on more projects with InScience Team.

Dr. Suhel Hasan
Senior Consultant - Department of E.N.T.
Narayana Health City, Bangalore

Department specific brochures- Successful outcomes with complete can-do attitude.

InScience is a unique combination of creativity, talent, and professionalism. They strive for successful outcomes and are loaded with complete can-do attitude. We worked with them for showcasing our Integrative Oncology Department to the public. They were diligent in getting to know our expectations and in gaining a clear understanding of our hospital needs. Applying their creativity, limitless energy and professional work ethics helped us achieve our branding goals.

We’d love to work with them for our future proposals.

Pavan Kumar
Manager (Branding, PR and Campaigning)
Narayana Health City, Bangalore

Building the brand identity- The clinical and creative amalgamation!

It was a very good experience working with an agency like InScience, since the company needs no introduction to the healthcare market scenario – which makes your work much easier. They have an exceptionally good blend of medical expertise and brand marketing proficiency. They did a great job in building the brand identity of each department through insightful brochures.

Soumen Banerjee
Manager (Branding and Communication)
Narayana Health City, Bangalore

InScience- Efficient in sourcing the requisite on time

The Newsletter Life’s On keeps consultants in MHEPL abreast of novel technology and possibilities in the field of Medicine. InScience has been efficient in sourcing the requisite on time every time. InScience has also been accommodative while meeting shifting timelines.

I would look forward to work with InScience and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Dr. Yamini
Assistant Manager - Medical Services
Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Tailored Website design and development

I would like to thank InScience team for their efforts in creating our new website. It’s very unique and different from the previous one and was obvious to our target audience. With effective content and creative designs, all our services are communicated to a large group of audience creating a huge impact.

Our logo has been logically designed with creative taglines signifying our approach and lifestyle programmes to meet the needs of Diabetes in Britain’s South Asian (SA) Community

Mini Mangat
Director of Operations and Business Development
Apnee Sehat CIC, Bangalore

Outstanding Quality Of Work

Worked on many projects in my current and previous companies. I would say that her quality of work is really outstanding. The team which she has managed and nurtured must be really great to provide the quality content output. The doctors who have engaged with her team in creating the collaterals were always appreciative. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours and for your company’s growth to newer heights.

Madhur Gopal
GM Marketing at Manipal Health Group
Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Customer Delight with the Highest Quality

Dr. Smita is a rare blend of technical expertise with a natural flair for branding & marketing. She is a seasoned professional with tremendous and varied experiences and a list of skills that compete with the best. Her passion for customer success is unparalleled. In summary, Smita is a well-rounded professional who is constantly focused on customer delight with the highest quality levels.

Karthik Ajit Duddala
Co Founder, Ziva Fertility
Ziva Fertility
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