Medical Communication

  • Start Date – May 10, 2024
  • Duration – 2 hours
  • Limited seats Available

Medical Communication

  • Start Date – May 10, 2024
  • Duration – 2 hours
  • Limited seats Available

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of Medical Communication: Gain a deep understanding of the core principles and concepts underlying medical communication, distinguishing it from medical writing.
  • Exploration of Job Opportunities: Explore a wide range of career prospects within the field of medical communication, including roles in healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies, and communication agencies.
  • Best Practices in Writing: Acquire practical skills and techniques for crafting clear, concise, and persuasive written content tailored to various audiences and purposes in the healthcare industry.
  • Working Dynamics with Clients and Teams: Develop effective strategies for collaborating with clients and interdisciplinary teams, fostering productive communication and synergy in project execution.
  • Tool Familiarisation: Familiarise yourself with cutting-edge tools and technologies, including AI-driven software and digital platforms, essential for streamlining and enhancing medical communication processes.

  • Proofreading and Peer Review Processes: Master the art of proofreading and engaging in peer review processes to ensure accuracy, consistency, and quality in medical communication materials.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Develop comprehensive communication strategies tailored to diverse stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and sales teams, to optimise engagement and understanding.
  • Technical and Regulatory Writing Proficiency: Enhance your proficiency in writing technical documents and regulatory submissions specific to medical devices and healthcare IT, adhering to industry standards and regulations.
  • Crafting Scientific Publications: Learn advanced techniques for crafting scientific publications, including research papers and journal articles, with a focus on clarity, precision, and adherence to academic standards.
  • Professional Profile Enhancement: Participate in a masterclass focused on elevating your professional profile within the medical communication industry, gaining valuable insights and networking opportunities for career advancement.

Course Curriculum

Saturday (Day 1)

Session 1: What is medical communication and how it is different from medical writing and Jobs in medical communication field (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 2)

Session 2: Good Practices in writing (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 3)

Session 3: Writing for a product, service, brand, company, or an individual or founders (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 4)

Session 4: Working with client – Best Practices (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 5)

Session 5: Working with the team (Graphics Designer, Motion Graphics Designer, UI/UX Designer, Digital Marketing Teams, PR) (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 6)

Session 6: Tools you should know, including AI tools (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 7)

Session 7: Proofreading and Peer Review (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 8)

Session 8: Communication with Patients (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 9)

Session 9: Communication with People (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 10)

Session 10: Communication with Patients (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 11)

Session 11: Communication with doctors (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 12)

Session 12: Communication with doctors (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 13)

Session 13: Communication with care staff and sales team (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 14)

Session 14: Communication with Caregivers (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 15)

Session 15: Writing for Medical Devices and Healthcare IT (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 16)

Session 16: Technical and regulatory writing (3 hours)


Saturday (Day 17)

Session 17: Scientific publications (3 hours)

Sunday (Day 18)

Session 18: Masterclass for creating and growing your profile (3 hours)


Medical communication involves conveying medical information through various channels, facilitating understanding and collaboration among healthcare stakeholders. In contrast, medical writing entails creating written content within the healthcare domain, such as scientific papers, patient education materials, and regulatory documents.

This course caters to healthcare professionals, public health practitioners, communication specialists, medical writers, health educators, and individuals interested in advancing their skills in health communication within the medical field.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain insights into fundamental principles of medical communication, explore various job opportunities, learn best practices in writing for healthcare contexts, and develop effective communication strategies tailored to different audiences.

This course provides practical skills and strategies essential for success in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your current role or transition into a new career path, you’ll acquire the tools and expertise needed to excel in medical communication.

No, the course will not consist of prerecorded lectures. All sessions will be conducted live, allowing for interactive participation, real-time engagement, and opportunities for Q&A with instructors and fellow participants.

The course consists of eighteen focused sessions spread across nine weeks. Each session includes interactive lectures, practical exercises, and assignments to reinforce learning and application of skills.

Yes, participants who successfully complete all sessions and assignments will receive a certificate of completion, validating their achievement in mastering essential skills in health communication.

Yes, the course includes a masterclass focused on creating and growing your professional profile within the medical communication industry. This session offers valuable insights and networking opportunities for career advancement.

To enroll, visit the course website or platform hosting the course, and follow the registration instructions. Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to course materials and can begin your journey in mastering health communication.

No, session recordings will not be available for missed sessions. However, in the next session, prior information will be provided to ensure continuity in learning.

If you miss two consecutive classes, you will not be allowed to attend the subsequent classes. We encourage consistent attendance to ensure optimal learning and engagement throughout the course.

No, refunds will not be provided once enrollment is confirmed. We recommend ensuring your commitment to the course before enrolling.

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in this course. However, familiarity with basic healthcare terminology or previous experience in the medical field may be beneficial.

No, there is no final exam. Assessment will be based on participation in sessions, completion of assignments, and overall engagement throughout the course duration.

Course materials will be accessible during the duration of the course only. However, participants may be provided with supplementary resources or recommendations for further study upon completion.

Yes, technical support will be available to assist participants with any issues related to accessing course materials or participating in sessions.

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