How did we create digital ecosystem for Ziva Fertility

There was a need for a digital transformation that made sure a targeted audience was met. This included the website creation, a brand theme in an innovative and creative brand language, and a creative approach. With an aim to add value to the existing approach, we provided in-house photography services that added personal touch. Other solutions offered were video creation and print media for the clinic.


India being the world’s second most populous country attracts eyes from around the globe. It is also said that Indian population may exceed the population of China by 2022. However, very few know about an entirely unexpected problem that India is currently facing- infertility. According to The World Population prospects, the fertility rate in India is declining dramatically at a rate of 50%. With declining rate of fertility and lack of awareness on Infertility, several fertility centres have been created to come forth to discuss and treat fertility problems.

Does this bridge the gap and create an impact for people facing infertility complications? Negatively, the status quo suggests otherwise and the gap is still widening. The patients are having self inhibitions owing to societal conditioning, lack of awareness and crucially the lack of holistic care in treatments for the patients that put their foot forward for such treatments.

ZIVA fertility – ingrained with an ethical, transparent, and empathetic approach, is one of the best providers of personalized holistic care to the patients. They have earned an excellent reputation as fertility and an embryology center along the months. With a fully integrated service that involves fertility, andrology, and holistic care, they aim towards a patient-focused approach in addition to their ethical practices and transparent methodologies. ZIVA promises to make their patients feel assured  and are a reliable partner in their journey of parenthood.

Ziva Fertility collaborated with InScience in Launching their services and creating Brand awareness. To modernize their ethical and transparent advancement, ZIVA partnered up with InScience as their brand advisor and re-shape their entire operation.

Challenges – (the necessity for a change)-

Building an organization and lacking a digital presence in this technological era, can lead to setbacks in creating the impact that organization has strategized to achieve in the market.

Unique businesses like ZIVA fertility who aim at challenging the way Fertility centres have been functioning and to create better patient experience, they need to ensure their presence on the Digital platform. To combat the challenges faced by new entrants in the Fertility market, creating awareness of their brand and core values leads to reaching their target audiences better. The digital presence also enables them to create an impact and in engaging with their ultimate consumers – the patients.

With careful analysis and strategic approach for launching the ZIVA fertility into the current market, InScience with the team of experts offered the Launchpad solutions. InScience developed a series of well designed solutions for creating the Digital ecosystem for ZIVA fertility.

Solutions offered

The first part of the solution that InScience aimed at implementing is a well-designed, user-friendly, and content optimized website with a well equipped communication channel. To create the website, InScience conducted market research/ technical audits to understand the target market and came up with several marketing opportunities to push the success of the website ahead.

Evaluating the opportunities and the market trends in the infertility sector in the forthcoming years, InScience created a brand new website as per their novel business goals.  Followed by  website designing, the expert web-developers at InScience enhanced the website SEOs with well strategized and detail oriented content of their products and services.

What came next? InScience wanted to create visual content that emphasized on the importance of the unmet needs of the fertility centers. So with better research and a new perspective, InScience created a video for the website.


As a result of dedicated efforts, InScience created a highly appealing and feature-loaded website that suited ZIVA fertility’s approach. As a fertility center, ZIVA required something that was visibly attractive and content that pulled in / attracted the audience.

The website has a significantly stronger user experience, with improved navigation and enhanced content. The information about each product is not only balanced through visual and written content but also with the help of relevant graphics, it is organized in a perfect order.

The designers at InScience reinvigorated online content further with a responsive and immersive experience for future parents. With a custom website at their disposal, ZIVA fertility is now equipped to easily share their success stories and expertise with their online community.

From the clients’ desk

InScience Healthcare Consulting Pvt Ltd is a rare blend of technical expertise with a natural flair for branding & marketing.  They are a team of seasoned professionals with tremendous and varied experiences and a list of skills that compete with the best. Their passion for customer success is unparalleled. In summary, InScience is an organization full of well-rounded professionals who are constantly focused on customer delight with the highest quality levels.