Stem safe case study

Becoming a parent is a lifetime responsibility. By saving newborns stem cells immediately after birth, it is a lifelong investment to safeguard the child’s life in the future.

Cryosave is a premium multinational stem cell company providing services to safeguard a child’s future and safeguard the family’s legacy. Started in 2000, cryosave has opened multiple branches all over the world.

20 years since its existence, cryosave has proudly preserved over 250,000 from over 70 countries across 6 continents.  A leading organization with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in stem cells, cryosave needed a unique brand identity to be customized for the Indian market.

Challenges faced by cryosave

Cryosave first approached Inscience for revamping their whole brand identity in the Indian diverse market. In India, cryopreservation of stem cells is a crowded market due to the likes of companies such as Lifecell. This has particularly made it difficult for the target audience to relate and connect to the brand.

Cryosave further wanted a global identity to reach out more among geographical diversity. One of the major challenges that need to be addressed was the lack of awareness among people on stem cell banking and its importance. The client wanted us to develop a concept that could spread awareness to their audience as well as build their brand further.


A brand new innovative and memorable logo

Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in a child’s development be it wellbeing or health. We at Inscience came up with a unique concept to highlight the role of a father in the whole process of stem cell banking. We realized that a father’s decision is as important as the mother and is also the service payer.

We went ahead and proved that client with a logo depicting the father, mother, and baby in the brand logo, explaining the father’s role in the decision making. A unique brand identity was created along with brochures, flyers, business cards, journals, envelopes, applications and etc. Incense helped the client in creating a total of 56 brochures that are concept related, design during original photography.

The logo which was created using the unique identity and concept is still used in the current market.

Branding video

Incorporating video production into your branding is a surefire way to create a buzz with your audience and spread awareness for your brand. Video content is also much more likely to help your updates land on your audience’s pages, over simple text statements. This is exactly what we did for Cryosave.

We created a video and launched it with the aim to create a buzz and patch the gap between the potential clients and the brand.  The video was launched and delivered using an application to bring the target audience closer to the clients.

To avoid virtual barriers and to be more relatable the voiceover for the video was given by the MD of cryosave. The video was made in such a way to highlight the advanced technologies/advancements the cryosave followers in the process of stem cell banking. The MD made sure to clearly communicate and explain the process in layman terms.

We also helped cryosave in launching a video, to help in educating there target audience about the whole stem cell banking process and the safety. Furthermore, certifications and accreditations were also available for the clients to showcase the authenticity to the target audience.

Sales application

Inscience devised a unique idea to employ sales representatives on behalf of cryosave to personally visit the families (potential clients) to introduce and brief them on the concept of stem cell banking.

For this, our tech team worked on creating a novel sales application to assist the representatives in their venture. We made it both desktop and mobile compatible so that it could be accessed from anywhere.

It included strategically placed videos and presentations that did the following

  • Introduce pregnant couples to the concept of Stem Cell Banking and educate them on the benefits of stem cells and stem cell banking: We created four videos that addressed the different aspects of Stem Cell Banking. We also included two characters “Sameer” and “Sanjana” with religion-neutral names to make them relatable to different communities in the Indian market.
  • Urge them to bank with Stem-Safe by building a sense of trust that they are in good hands:

We shot a real walk-through video of the laboratory that showed the different steps involved in Stem Cell processing and banking. This was accompanied by a display of certifications that created transparency in the banking process.


The tablets were windows based – windows 8.1 and application was expected to be locked up. As it was a browser-based application modern technology like HTML 5, and JavaScript were used as the base of the technology.

Features that were given to the client

  1. Locking feature – the application will be locked and only open after inserting keys
  2. Count of the application open
  3. The application was embedded with informational Videos, Walkthrough videos, FAQs, pricing, etc.
  4. The application was touch-based


Within the first 6 months of onboarding us, the brand and app we helped them launch showed an increased acceptance among the audience. Many people came out to ask more questions and had developed a fair knowledge about the process. It is also important to mention that sales increased exponentially.

Stem safe made a name for itself and stood as a strong competitor in the stem cell banking market both in India and globally. It is safe to say, the outcome of the efforts put in by InScience was overwhelming. The brand name Stem-Safe firmly and steadily gripped the Indian market and the audience. The success was projected in the number of families considering Stem safe for Stem Cell Banking