Every year, 1 in 10 births are premature (approximately 15 million) and about 1 million children die due to complications of prematurity. A neonate born before 37 weeks of gestation is defined as premature according to the WHO. Prematurity is the leading cause of death in children under the age of  5 years. Awareness and innovation are vital for saving lives.


Prematurity- What is available in our market ?

Warmth and temperature regulation is essential. The incubator maintains proper body temperature.

Premature neonates tend to be smaller than full-term infants. It is essential to monitor them closely in the NICU and ensure that the baby is getting the proper nutrition.

To promote healthy weight, breastfeeding is essential. Colostrum helps in preventing infections and promotes the development of the gut. If the baby is not mature enough, nutrition is provided via the IV route.  A team of medical professionals in the NICU monitor and help the baby to grow.

Preterm babies often develop metabolic disorders and the most common amongst them is hyperbilirubinemia as their liver is underdeveloped. Phototherapy is effective to treat hyperbilirubinemia. Infant resuscitation systems provide effective resuscitation for newborns and are critical and life-saving equipment.

Apart from many such types of equipment, the baby needs frequent tests such as oxygen levels, electrolyte levels, tests for infections, etc. to monitor and detect any issues.

There are many ways to treat preterm birth each requiring different scientific and clinical strategies. However, creating awareness remains the most important aspect to effectively implement others. This is what InScience partnered to do for GE. We created an awareness campaign for prematurity for GE healthcare on world prematurity day.

Understanding the Gap:

With cost-effective care, deaths in premature neonates could be prevented.

Prematurity is a public health concern and the leading cause of infant mortality and contributes to various health complications later in life. There is growing evidence that lifestyle and environmental factors also play an important role in causing prematurity.

There is a lack of awareness amongst the parents and the general public about the mechanisms and care facilities available for prematurity that will advance the development of solutions for nurturing the preterm infants.

In India, extremely premature neonates- born between weeks 24 to 27 are not considered in the statistics as the viability of a foetus in India is defined as 28 weeks and beyond. Such neonates need advanced care found in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for survival. They also require expert management by a team of healthcare professionals, which is not easily available in all hospitals.

Golden hour is the first hour of transition from the womb to the outside world. Premature babies must get the necessary care during this hour as many neonates suffer from intraventricular haemorrhage. The next 24-hours determine the outcome of the neonates whether they will survive or will have disability or not.

Creating awareness is crucial in prematurity to identify women at risk of preterm labour. Survival rates around the world are not equal.  In lower economy households, many of the deaths are due to lack of basic care, warmth, breastfeeding support, infections. Less than optimal use of technology in middle-income home settings have also led to increased disability in preterm babies.

What did InScience do to create awareness for prematurity ?

GE Healthcare is one of the market leaders for maternal-infant care equipment. They produce high-quality equipment used in the neonatal ICU, which is essential for the survival of preterm births. Some of the GE products for prematurity include fetal monitors, Giraffe warmers, Panda warmers, infant resuscitation systems, Omnibed care station, giraffe incubator etc.

To create awareness for prematurity, InScience provided content support, design support, support for physical events such as parent connect programs. We also provided digital support including banners, e-mailers, videos, standees and website.

InScience helped GE healthcare with website development. To help build a better and informative website for masses we provided content and design support. Blogs consist of informal information about topics. They are a popular way to communicate the necessary information for the target audience. InScience created informative blogs about prematurity for mothers and families who wanted to know about preterm birth and prematurity care. Blogs were provided for various topics such as common queries and lesser known facts about prematurity, breastfeeding in prematurity, expert opinion blogs by doctors, Kangaroo Mother Care (a procedure where the baby is placed between the breasts in an upright position to help the baby breastfeed). InScience also created content blogs on  GE infant care products such as panda warmer,  where the product details and the product specifications, outlining the purpose and the usage of the products for neonatal care.

To increase awareness,  InScience created and designed standees and flyers for GE, which were used in the hospitals. The standees gave detailed information about things to remember for parents visiting that hospital and for those who gave birth prematurely. The content strategy focused on creating awareness for parents dealing with prematurity.

With the help of email marketing, InScience promoted GE healthcare products to paediatricians, obstetricians and neonatologists. The email content strategy included value proposition, information about the product and other information, required to create an engagement with the targeted audience. Alongside this, the product establishment was created on digital platforms.

InScience market leader services

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