What did the Fernandez Foundation achieve?

Creating a foundation for a leading healthcare brand, Fernandez Foundation has achieved success in reaching a wide assemblage including their targeted audience with the help of research and strategy implementation from InScience Healthcare.  The task was to create a digital/ social media presence and web-based platform that supported data sharing across research studies and clinical trials – a single platform breakthrough that is accelerating research efforts worldwide.


It is difficult to fathom the magnitude of challenges faced by new mothers in India. A major thrust of maternity programs should be the ability to provide care to the pregnant women/ new mothers pre and post birth. A large portion of mothers still do not receive enough antenatal checkups that can detect and treat problems and complications. According to the Indian National Family Health Survey  during 2014-2015 highlights that 49% of pregnant women receive minimal to no antenatal care.  WHO suggests a minimum of 10 antenatal checkups for women who are pregnant for the first time while for the women who already have had a child, at least 5 to 7 antenatal check ups are necessary.

It is necessary that a pregnant woman seeks antenatal care in order to avoid the complications arising in the pregnancy and post birth and the risks the baby and the mother may have.

What makes the Fernandez Foundation quintessential?

Fernandez Hospital Foundation is known for its delivery of quality care, availability of best midwives in the maternity industry, and compassion towards pregnant mothers and the new-borns. Fernandez foundation, hence put forth a platform for young mothers – The Stork Home. Stork Home, a product of Fernandez foundations, empowers expectant mothers to make the right decision by providing them right information and necessary support. They offer a nurturing environment of care, and empathy throughout pregnancy and post childbirth.

Fernandez Foundation stepped into the world of social media/ digital media on partnering with InScience, for their Stork Homes with a sole vision to achieve a world where every woman and child has access to a high quality healthcare system that provides compassionate care for mothers and children.

Journey in enhancing the Digital Presence

Creating a digital experience aligned with the vision of Fernandez Foundation.

As a leading healthcare consulting firm, we at InScience Healthcare developed and implemented brand building as well as communication strategies for B2B and B2C markets. The challenging part of this journey was to develop the top notch network for Fernandez Foundation.

The top priority was in creating and promoting the web-based informatics for reaching out to the audience who had minimum access to  maternity care – the young mothers and children.

The Challenge

The key challenge was transferring the enchantment of a legacy into the digital landscape. The uphill task was to make Fernandez Foundation digitally visible and further upgrade their business by taking into consideration the leads. We achieved this by developing a credible advanced experience based on the idea of “respectful care” to all moms and infants. InScience formulated strategies to make Fernandez Foundation a trusted brand for young mothers who couldn’t reach out for help when it comes to health for themselves and their child.

Millions of pregnant women being affected with complications due to the lack of antenatal checkups. Many had no access to the healthcare facility as much as it were projected to be. This gave Fernandez Foundation leverage when they started reaching out to an audience that required help in the community.

How InScience made Fernandez Foundation the Market Leader

InScience needed an approach that would reach a specific community and would trigger an awareness on mental and physical health. This was a sensitive issue to society and hence needed special attention for creating the right impact. The well-researched and assembled data gave Inscience a better edge for formulating innovative strategy to create a massive impact on the targeted audience.

Right from the beginning, the commitment was in strategizing our game plan for expanding the online presence of Fernandez Foundation to where it is currently positioned in the market.InScience with the team of analytical experts, conducted a mass research for understanding the emotional and societal connection towards the maternal care stigmas in the country.

Later, based on the data InScience broadcasted Fernandez Foundations’ several efforts and initiatives in multiple social media platforms enabling them to connect with their target audience. As a result, through Stork Home the expected impact was created,  making Fernandez Foundation as a prominent market leader.

What has Fernandez Foundation achieved with the help of Inscience Health?

With the help of extensive research and planned operative techniques, immersive design and focused advertisements including a set of management strategies that has helped Inscience Health see better engagement with young and new mothers with many services offered by Fernandez Foundation. This innovative and enhanced strategy for digital marketing has made a huge difference in the way young women approach motherhood.

The digital approach worked and the reach on social media platforms saw a drastic increase by 50% and 20% respectively during each month. Thanks to in-depth analyses by Inscience Health, Fernandez Foundation could provide timely interventions to leverage several successful social media campaigns.

Figure 1 Facebook and Instagram Likes of Stork Home and Fernandez Foundation

The above graph is a comparison of Facebook and Instagram impressions and reach. After the strategy got into motion, in 2019 Fernandez Foundation impacted on thousands of lives given the reach of the audience. This led Inscience Health in achieving their targeted deliverables.

What else is on the anvil for them?

As an approach, the foundation wants to build a low cost hospital which is dedicated to the community.  Their focus lies on bringing back compassion and kindness into labour wards, the respectful care to the economically backward communities who have no voice. Prior to the campaign strategy, Fernandez Foundation was on the way to a developed social media reach to meet its objectives. The situation was upgraded to a better social media reach with an agile strategy for creating the impact in different such communities. The brand has been able to create light amongst thousands of new mothers and new-borns.