Corporate presentation of Tele ECG Solution explained via demo

Heart attack kills one Indian every 33 second, and ECG is a simple tool that can diagnose and help doctors treat diseases like heart attack within golden hour where the chances of survival is higher. Unfortunately, it is not easy to diagnose ECG accurately by all the doctors and an availability of cardiologist is critical. It is not possible to make a super specialities available in all the medical set-ups, in India we do not have those many specialists available. The solution is Tele-ECG. Tricog is a Tele-ECG provider connecting more than 250 clinics with centrally located hub for diagnosing ECG within 1 minute.


Tricog wanted to capture their exact value proposition in video format, and this video can be used to demo purpose as well for featuring the product and Tricog Solution during events and conferences.

The challenge was to show different location set-ups in the story that we wanted to shoot. It was not wise to allocate unnecessary budget for one video. We decided to convert our office in different sets to create the home set-up and office -set- up, a hub and a studio. We visited Vikram Hospital to show live demo of Tricog ECG system and talked to a Doctor who is benefited with Tricog.

We have used high-end videography and holography to develop the video and convey the message in a very simple format. Tricog team was overwhelmed with the outcome and appreciated the efforts made by InScience team. We were happy to create the solution with manageable resources yet with a perfect outcome.

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