Brand identity creation for a stemcell banking company

Cryosave is a multinational stemcell banking company with its branches all over the world since 2000. With more than 250,000 samples preserved from over 70 countries across six continents, Cryosave is a leading organization with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in Stemcells. Stemsafe being an Indian based counterpart of Cryosave needed a unique brand identity to be customized for Indian market.


Cryosave approached InScience for a new brand identity in the Indian diverse market. In India stemcell banking is a saturated market with many players and it has been difficult for the target audience to be able to connect to the brand. Furthermore, Cryosave expected a universal identity among the geographical diversity. Although being a huge market, there is lack of awareness among people on stemcell banking and its importance. Our client wants us to develop the concept that could build their brand further enhancing awareness on stemcell banking services.

A new brand identity along with new contemporary and memorable logo.

InScience came up with a unique concept to represent father’s role. Although the stemcell banking service is for the mother and the baby, father is the key decision maker and service payer. InScience designed the logo depicting father, mother and the baby in the brand logo. A unique branded identity has been created along with flyer, brochure, business card, envelope, journal, application etc. A total of 56 brochures that are concept oriented have been designed with original photography. The logo has been designed with unique brand identity that is consistently used in the current market. A video has been launched for the brand along with an application that could bring the target audience close to the clients. Without any virtual barrier in communicating with the audience, the voice over for the video has been given by the MD of Cryosave. The technological advancements that Cryosave follows in the process of stemcell banking have been clearly communicated with the audience through the app and also a patient education video on stemcell banking has been launched. Furthermore, in the app, the certifications and accreditations have been included to explain the authenticity to target audience.

Within 6 months of launching the brand and app, there has been increased acceptance among the audience with sales increasing exponentially. Stem Safe is now an active competitor in stem cell banking throughout the Indian market, and is evolving into a prominent organization throughout the country. Their complete presence as a player in the market was tailored to reach the Indian audience and InScience could successfully meet the expectations of the client.

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