Digital Marketing for Mother and child care center

Ovum is a chain of mother and child care center with a great team of obstetricians and pediatricians. Ovum needed a digital brand awareness and a footfall.


We were appointed as a digital agency to run social media marketing through SEM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and write clinical blogs.

We decided to highlight clinical excellence that is available at Ovum through the pure health education messaging and helping people ‘The right way’

Our ongoing campaigns are based on vaccination schedules where we give alerts and education about the vaccines, we do campaigns with baby specific recipes. We capture the success stories and testimonials of happy parents, we talk to the clinicians who treated them and write a captivating story with a message.

We are receiving very positive organic response to our posts. We see multiple hospitals creating brand awareness through social media, however very few utilizes it as a very powerful tool to reach of to millions of people in a fraction of seconds.

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