Newsletter for internal communications

Manipal Hospitals are the third largest healthcare network in India with a network of 15 hospitals and three primary clinics spread across 6 states. Serving more than 2 million patients annually, Manipal group has a special significance in the overall healthcare industry of India.


Being a large hospital group, communication is paramount and is one of the important factors to be considered for building organizational proactivity and cohesion. Manipal’s Centre of Excellence did not have a channel from which to maintain ongoing communications within its branches, staff and employees about the changes, developments and policies across its branches. InScience has been approached to develop a good internal communication.

After conducting an in-depth study of the internal communication system, InScience research team established Manipal’s needs to fit in a monthly newsletter for better horizontal communication. Our medical expertise captured all the necessary information and came up with a defined Table of Content that has been accepted by the client.

Every article designed by InScience came up with a theme of the month where services on doctors, quality parameters, novel technologies, research, medical negligence cases has been emphasized to promote better internal communication. To maintain consistency, the whole newsletter has been templatised which is increasingly accepted among all the branches of Manipal hospitals.

With a unique initiative, the internal communication and information has been enhanced with 11 newsletters circulated among the all the branches within 1 year. Articles written by doctors for the newsletter continue to build a sense of organizational pride and belonging.

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