PMR driven coffee table book for Doctors

Cryosave, a well-recognized biotechnical stem-cell banking has actively made headway into the clinical applications of stem cells from preserved cord tissue and cord blood.


Stem Cell banking is considered as procedure that is under research and ill-defined clinical applicability. Most of the clinical practitioners believe that the usage of stem cells in clinical practice is performed only in advanced countries and is not possible in the country like India. We wanted to create an evidence based marketing material to provide scientific worth of stem cell storage.

We decided to create a clinical coffee table book that can be gifted to gynecologists and obstetricians; a book that can provide clinical evidences of stem cell therapy. We approached more than 80 doctors who have published multiple research on stem cell therapy. 8 Clinicians agreed to answer our questions and provided the insights on status of stem cell therapy in India. We have captured the first-hand interviews with Doctors and two successful patient testimonials in the form of coffee table book.

This work of ours has no shelf-life, it has its own place to provide comprehensive research information about stem cell therapy in India. The book was well appreciated by Obstetricians and was called as scientific marketing material. Client has printed this book for several events and appreciated us for providing unique solution for this complex sales need.

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